You Have A Problem With Ingrown Nails? We Have The Solution! (INSTRUCTIONS)

Infection and inflammation of the skin and tissue around the toenails is a big problem to many. Pain and fertilization resulting from the inflammation usually are caused by ingrown nails into the skin. Ingrown fingernail is a condition in which the edges of the nail cut in the skin.


Ingrown nails can be very painful and unpleasant experience, and what’s worse it is often repeated. It is a consequence of wearing tight shoes, socks, hitting, poor hygiene, and foot deformity of the nail or is the result of improper cutting nails, it commonly affects the big toe.

The affected area is easily infected, which causes redness, swelling and severe pain. That is why it’s a great suffering even wearing shoes and socks. If we do not act immediately at the first signs, resulting pus – infection can accumulate deep under the skin next to the nail, and the pain gets worse and it complicates the situation. If you seek medical advice, they will prescribe you an oral antibiotic for the infection, and if this problem repeats it’s recommended a surgery for a full or partial removal of the nail.

If you want to avoid the conventional treatment, which is not so often very successful, because even after the surgery this problem often returns, on the first signs of pain on your finger around the nail, act with applying aloe gel. The most effective and simplest applying aloe gel to the affected area is to find a plastic cap that matches the size of the painful finger and put aloe gel (the higher percentage of aloe the better), and put the cap on your finger, and then your socks and so let it sit for at least 12 hours . Repeat the procedure the next day and add a new amount of gel as long as the pain, redness and pus withdraw.

Aloe gel has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, moisturizes and softens the skin, as easily and quickly passing through it which promotes faster healing. The gel needs to constantly act on the infected area and thus effectively solve your problem.

If you react in time, the pain and redness should be withdrawn overnight. If the infection is spread be persistent for several days.

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