There Is Another Way – Man Refuses Surgery and Chemo and Cures His Bladder Cancer With These…

Trevor Smith, 52 years old at the time, was diagnosed with bladder cancer stage T2a – the tumor has grown into the inner half of the muscle layer. His prognosis as told by mainstream doctors was very poor. He was told that he needed all three conventional cancer treatments: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to remove his prostate, bladder and lymph nodes. What the doctors did not tell him is that his life expectancy after the surgery was only 2 to 2.5 years.

There Is Another Way – Man Refuses Surgery and Chemo and Cures His Bladder Cancer With These…

Carol started doing her own research to find a way to save her husband’s life, she explains in her post at Cure Your Own Cancer.

“Fear is a terrible thing, and fear is ripe when we hear the word Cancer”, writes Carol,

“Our belief system does not have to be locked. We can open up our minds to think for ourselves, inform ourselves and learn to not just accept our fate”.

Trevor said:

“We spoke again to the Urologist and told him we needed more time to research alternative treatments and modalities, and we would not take the Chemo or surgery just yet, we were already looking into different therapies, both of us are concerned with the quality of his life after surgery and both of us need time to digest all of this dreadful news, the Oncologist and the Surgeon try to impress on us that we need to think very carefully about the surgery, the Surgeon had already got a date in his diary to proceed with removing his bladder, we felt like we were being railroaded into the surgery far too fast and we needed to slow it down a little so we could have time to digest everything. Something was screaming at me to take some time before making this radical decision”.

And finally, after watching the movie “Run from the Cure,” a documentary about medicinal hemp oil, Carol added cannabis oil to Trevor’s treatment.

“It felt like I was going into the unknown but the cannabis oil changed things for the better,” said Trevor.

This article for informational purposes only and should not constitute medical advice. Consult a licensed naturopathic doctor for more information.

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