Say Not to Diabetes! An Egg is What You Need to Control Your Blood Sugar! This is What You Must Do!

Recent researches have discovered that diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases nowadays.People have it more and more and that doesn’t depend on their age,social status or gender. Diabetes signifies increased blood sugar,but unfortunately,it can also cause some greater health problems like: nerve deterioration or problems with the kidneys.Some serious cases even force people to have leg or foot amputation. The National Federation of Diabetes claims that one of the countries with the greatest index of diabetic population is the Philippines,but,recently,a doctor from the Philippines claims to have found a homemade remedy for this illness! Homemade remedy against diabetes

The doctor is called JaimeDy-Liacco and is a specialist in metabolic medicine.He claims that he has found a natural remedy that can help you against diabetes composed of only several ingredients! The doctor is almost 90 and assures his patients that the problem with diabetes doesn’t lie in the sugar,but it appears because of the absence of six minerals from your body.

If you give these minerals to your body,intake them through food,you won’t have a problem with blood sugar.

Take a look at the recipe!


  • – 12 chili peppers
  • – 2 eggs
  • – Half a teaspoon of marine salt


First cut the peppers and crush them well.Then,add the eggs and the salt. Mix all or the ingredients together and your remedy is prepared! Consume it and the results will amaze you!

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