There are many recipes for treatment of varicose veins, but none of them are efficient. If you suffer from this issue, the easiest option for treatment would be green tomatoes.

This Russian folk remedy is a revolutionary recipe, and also easy to prepare. Take a few green tomatoes, clean them and cut them in thick pieces. It goes without saying that organic tomatoes are best. Apply them on the area with varicose veins and put a cloth over them. Tie the cloth so the slices don’t fall off.

Leave them on the affected area until you feel tingling. The period varies from person to person, so there’s not an exact time. If your skin is burning, remove the tomatoes and wash the area with cold water, as this means the treatment is not suitable for you. If everything is OK, repeat the treatment five times a day. In just two weeks, the varicose veins will vanish as well as the knots.

How to cure yourself at home?

This vegetable contains an aspirin-like substance, and the acid green tomatoes contain is considered an anticoagulant which dilutes the blood.

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