The Natural Smoothie That Will Help You Recover Up to 10 Years of Lost Insulin …

Today our food or most of us have a very poor diet of vitamins and minerals, concentrated in pure acidic things like carbohydrates, saturated fats or sugar.

We know that all of these are very delicious meals but our body will not tolerate it for always that the only thing you eat is pasta, rice, bread, among other foods that will not feed you as well as a good salad.

When we eat that type of food, our pancreas releases insulin, since it is the only substance that can process these foods, but we have a specific dose of insulin in our body for life so that people who consume only this The type of food runs out before you reach fifty.

These are the cases of diabetes or pre-diabetes that every day nutritionists should see and the reality is that there are many pills that can fight it and of course with a rigorous diet more exercise you will also see great changes but we will offer you an alternative to the pills today.

Know what are the steps to recover all the lost insulin

This is what we are going to need:

-1 glass of water filled to the brim
-2 lettuces or Brussels
-3 green beans


1. Make sure the water is completely clean.

2. Chop the ingredients into small pieces

3. Add them to a blender

4. Mix for two minutes until you do not see lumps.

Mode of use:

Take it every day for three weeks and you will begin to feel the changes in your body.

The brussels sprouts really are one of the few foods like lettuce that have the capacity to regulate values such as cholesterol, triglycerides and yes … sugar.

This is why it is our secret ingredient in this preparation, in fact, if all our preparation is green, this is because, in the group of all foods, only the greens are the ones that give us the greatest amount of vitamins with a lower caloric intake

The idea is not that they are obsessed with keeping their body on the line or killing themselves exercising, we just want them to live a healthy and balanced life.

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