Natural Cure For The Psoriasis And Other Skin Diseases With This Recipe.

In this article we will explain you how to treat skin diseases and which ingredients to use. First, bathe every third day in warm water with soap. After the bath shower with cold water and dry fast with light touch of towel. Afterward, the affected parts of the body moistened and flush with tea from a mixture of herbs…

A mix of herbs against psoriasis

* 40 g leaves of comfrey
* 30 g of yellow leaves of rosemary
* 20 g fruit sloe
* 10 g ground pine

Natural Cure For The Psoriasis And Other Skin Diseases With This Recipe.

Ingredients for preparing of the balsam

* 4 dl homemade olive oil
* 4 tablespoons of butter from young buttermilk
* 4 tablespoons cream with sweet milk (cream)
* 20 g of flowers and leaves of rosemary
* 20 g of flowers and leaves of lavender
* 20 g elderberry bark
* 10 g of plantain leaves

How to prepare?
These ingredients you must put in a deep pot and gently stir over low heat until the butter and the cream does not melt. Then add 2 dl of St. John’s wort oil (St. John’s wort) and continue stirring for 40 minutes, ensuring that the temperature of the mixture does not exceed 70 ° C, which means that the mixture should not boil. Hot balm strain through a sieve with fine mesh in a jar. When is cool, clog it and hold clogged.
Treatment of elderly

First, herbs hard chop and stir. In a liter of boiling water, put 20 g of a mixture of herbs and cook covered for 5 minutes. When the tea has cooled, strain it into a bottle. After the wet and rinse the affected areas, dry and put on balm.
Severe forms of psoriasis
Use the recipes as a treatment for the elderly, provided that the body moisturizes with the decoction of herbs and sharpness every day. Tea that is prepared for potion is taken 3 times a day for 1 dl before and after meals, and instead water, drink tea that is prepared from a mixture of equal amounts: blackberry leaves, roots of burdock, nettle leaves and thyme. In 2 liters of boiling water, put 5 g of the mixture, cover and cook for half a minute. When the tea has cooled, strain it into a dark bottle and keep it clogged in a cool place.

Unguent of Celandine
At 50 grams of fat from pork chitterlings put 5 g juice of Celandine. Mix well and place it in refrigerator. Smear the affected places several times a day.

Daily 3 times you should make a bath of field horsetail. Take 200 g of horsetail, put in 5 liters of water and ‘leave for 12 hours. Put on the stove to boil and pour into the prepared water bath. In the water stay for 20 minutes, without wiping lie in bed, cover well and remain like that for 1-2 hours when it comes to strong perspiration.

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