How You Sleep With Your Partner Reveals So Much About Your Relationship. This Is SO Accurate!

Never would you guess that your sleeping patterns and habits could reveal so much about your relationship. But it does! To better understand and develop your relationship you should understand these sleeping habits and what they mean for you. You may have been worried by the fact you and your partner sleep back-to-back, but as it turns out, there is no need to be! Relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet says the ‘Liberty’ (back-to-back) position is the most common among couples and is shows a couple that is connected and secure in themselves. She adds, “[the position] shows closeness and independence in the relationship.” Check out what your sleeping position says about you.

  1. Pillow Talk.

How You Sleep With Your Partner Reveals So Much About Your Relationship. This Is SO Accurate!

The position that reveals the need for intimacy and a close connection in bed.

2. Spooning


This position is pretty typical and traditional. One partner is taking a protective stance over the other. Again, awe.

  1. Lovers’ Knot.


Here you see a couple coming to a compromise between intimacy and independence – which allows the best of both worlds.

4. Cherish


When couples sleep in this position it shows that they are relaxed and comfortable with each other. It is very common in new relationships

5. Liberty


The position that’s all about closeness and independence. These couples are connected and secure in themselves.

  1. The Lovers.


This position is saying you have a lack of independence from one another. It is also intimate and romantic!

7. Superhero


One partner dominates the bed and the other takes place in the secondary role.

    8. Miscellaneous


All about the comfort. Doesn’t matter if you are together or apart, it just happens to work!

  1. The Romantic.


If you’re early in a relationship, there is a good chance you sleep this way. The position represents vibrant, passionate and rekindled love. Awe.

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