How To Detox After Chemotherapy

Conventional cancer treatments generate about $200 billion dollars annually, most of which goes to Big Pharma and is generated through the use of chemotherapy drugs. Chemotherapy is one of the most popular cancer treatments promoted by allopathic medicine, along with radiation and surgery.  If you or a close one decides to undergo through this treatment protocol, make sure you get the facts first.

What Chemotherapy Does

Regarding the negative effects chemotherapy has on breast cancer, a recent research has found that it actually does more harm than good. About 30 percent of breast cancer patients will go through some form of chemo at certain point of their treatment. Currently, there is a general understanding among doctors that these treatments affect the immune system. However, no one really understood to what extent, until recently. A British study done by the University of Leeds and issues in the January 2016 edition of Breast Cancer Researcher investigated how chemo affected immune system in 88 breast cancer patients. The results were more than shocking!

Leeds researchers linked to breast cancer chemotherapy to with “long-term changes in immune parameters that should be considered during clinical management.” These changes involved a huge reduction in T, B, and Natural Killer cell counts within two weeks of treatment.  They also found that certain immune system cells, such as T cells, remained lower a whole nine months after the end of the treatment.  Probably the most important finding was the repopulating T and B cells exhibited notable changes when compared to their pre-chemotherapy predecessors. This goes to show that genetic mutations are likely to carry over into the future generations long after the treatment had ended.

Just like radiation and surgery, it is worth noting that even though chemotherapy has the ability to shrink visible tumors, it doesn’t affect circulating cancer stem cells.  Healthy stem cells are required for the formation of T cells, connective tissues, and pretty much everything. But, in the case of cancer, the same stem cells can become deadly and utilized for refueling tumor growth.

5 Natural Therapies That Can Help With Chemotherapy Detox

The natural options below are effective in detoxifying chemotherapy drugs and rebuilding the immune system.  All of them act as a preventative measure against cancer recurrence, too.

1. Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are packed sulforaphane, cancer-busting, and immune boosting compound which has been shown to act as potent cancer inhibitor, particularly in the case of breast cancer.  It works by creating apoptosis and boosting the natural killer cell activity. Sulforaphane can be also taken in supplement form and high-powdered formulas.

2. Beta Glucans

A high-quality beta glucan supplement obtained from either yeast or medicinal mushrooms provide a very potent way to boost the immune system.  Beta glucans increase the ability of immune cells to virtually eat the cancer cells and affect breast cancer gene expression, according to a University of Kentucky study.

3. Curcumin

There are more than 200 studies to date that address the impact of curcumin on breast cancer, and thousands of others that point out its positive effect on the immune system.  It has been scientifically shown that curcumin reduces tumor growth and creates apoptosis, even in drug-resistant breast cancers. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, curcumin increased the expression of a protein which fights off fungus, viruses, and bacteria.

4. Chlorella

While chlorella is mostly known for its detoxifying properties against heavy metals, it works as great chelator of chemotherapy residues too.  It is packed with vitamin B-12, beta-carotene, and polysaccharides, which have been proven to boost the ability of immune system cells to communicate with each other better when pathogens attack.

5. Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia uses heat to heal and detoxify the body. It can include helio (sun-based) protocols, therapeutic baths, Biomat technology, and infrared saunas. According to the National Cancer Institute, “high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, usually with minimal injury to normal tissue.” In addition, a study conducted by Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, author of the book The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees, increasing the body temperature helps boost the immune system by 40 percent.

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