How K-Cups Might Damage Your Metabolism, Reproductive Health, And Cause Cancer

Are you a Keurig fan? We hope NOT, simply because this machine is wasteful and toxic. You may even convince yourself that you will use the refillable option instead of the throw away cups but this won’t be true as the cups are the easiest option. Just find out what Dr. Rivard has to say about k-cups and you will surely change your morning habit.

How K-Cups Might Damage Your Metabolism, Reproductive Health, And Cause Cancer

There were many studies on the potential dangers of bisphenol A( BPA), but have you heard about myriad of other chemicals commonly contained in plastic? After these studies on BPA many companies in USA  have removed it from their products. But unfortunately there are other chemicals in food-grade plastics which are proven to be even more harmful than BPA.

Estrogenic chemicals are found in most of the plastic products. We are all aware that plastic items are part of modern life but only a few of them are considered to be safe for use in food and beverage packaging. Their safety is controlled in lab studies and it is proven that small amount of these chemicals end up in food or drink. So the contamination level is minimum in non-acidic, cooled drink and food. But if you expose the plastic to hot water of foods, UV light, acidic food ingredients, mechanical wear and tear, or any combination of these factors then the amount of leaching increases significantly. For example, what is the taste of the water from a bottle left in the car when is hot outside? Snack food left in a plastic bag? It tastes as plastic!

So we try to avoid drinking hot beverages in plastic cups. But what happens when you use K- cups. You combine hot water with toxic compounds in the plastic cup. Many studies have confirmed that plastic chemicals can cause breast tumors in animals and humans as well, affect your metabolism, increase obesity, reduce sperm counts etc. And the bad news is that these are the short term use studies and the long term effects are still not known.  K-cups can’t be recycled, so there is no recycling code on them and we cannot be sure what chemicals they contain- their ingredients are hidden from the consumer. So why do we choose these cups over safer alternatives?

There are a lot of healthy options but we are not sure whether we should choose convenience versus safety. Although you may think that choosing the right coffee is not something important, TKINK TWICE, as environmental exposures to estrogenic compounds are excess burden on our bodies which will surely affect the future generations.

You should definitely enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning but choose the right equipment  because you should be safe. Your body will appreciate your choice.

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