Garlic Milk – An Outstanding Cure For Sciatica

It acts against tapeworms and for preparation of clusters, but also against the pain from sciatica. If it is used for a long time this simple cure with no side effects can also eliminate the unpleasant sweating of the feet…

Garlic Milk – An Outstanding Cure For Sciatica

A car mechanic who suffered from sciatica for a long time, listened to the advice of a friend, so every day started drinking garlic milk because most drugs do not acted to him.

In just a few days he felt relief, and 14 days later the disease completely disappeared. Now he decided to share this recipe with everyone.

Garlic milk can be prepared fresh or cooked. Fresh is stronger and more effective than cooked, but the smell is more intense.

In cooked garlic milk the smell partly disappears, but still has satisfactory effects.


The garlic should be mashed, and today there are numerous devices that will facilitate this. If you prepare the garlic milk daily, it is best to buy such device as of the photograph.

You should immediately stir the mashed garlic in milk and drink it. As mentioned earlier, some cook the milk or pour it hot over the garlic and then drink it.

In order to achieve a stronger effect, it is necessary to drink at least 200 ml of such milk. Adjust the dose yourself, but usually it takes one clove per 100 ml of milk.

Each man does not react equally, nor any medication work equally beneficial. Against severe pain from sciatica, you should try these simple ingredients.

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