13-Day Diet That Helps You Lose Up To 40 Pounds

There is a diet which lasts 13 days. It is hard but effective. You can have a normal menu for 13 days and you will not gain weight for 2 years after the diet. It is the Danish Diet or The Copenhagen diet.

Traditional diets have the yo-yo effect but this diet increases your metabolism after the 13th day. In the first week you may gain a little bit of weight but don’t worry, it is normal.

When you finish the diet you will lose from 15 to 40 pounds.

You must stick to it for 13 days. The reason is that the diet is low in calories. That is, around 600 calories daily. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be  noticed because the diet does not contain grains, fruit and dairy products. You may also feel tired and hungry and your immunity may lower.

Rules for you to follow:                                                            

  • Sweets, chewing gum and alcohol  as well as any additional food are forbidden during the diet.
  •  If you stop the diet you must wait until 6 months pass to start it again.
  • If you can follow it for 13 days you mustn’t use it for 2 years afterwards.
  • You can only add the meet portion with 250 g. of chicken breast.
  • Garlic , seasoning and oregano are allowed.
  • You can eat normally after 13 days , but recommended one or two days a week of sensible eating. After 13 days you can continue with your usual menu but you must be careful every two days a week.
  • Also, do not do any hard work during the diet as it is low in calories.



Here is the 13 days diet. Follow this plan seriously to get optimal results.

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