There isn’t a person in the world that does not want to stay young, and even though it seems impossible no matter what treatment you choose to use, surgical or chemical, there is a lady who succeeded in this. Nowadays she is 74 years old, but she does not look at all like her age, namely she does not look a day more than 30. In this article she will share her secret for staying young. For this lady age is really only a number and nothing more.

Her name is Annette Larkins and she comes from Miami Dade County, Florida married to Amos Larkins, who is her husband for over 50 years. She does not look like a grandmother at all, which is not the case with her husband who very much looks like a granddad. Annette Larkins is also a mother of two children who are in their fifties to whom she may look as their younger sister.

She wakes up each morning at 5:30 AM and contrary to her husband who does not follow any eating regime and is on prescription medicines for diabetes and hypertension, she has not taken any special medications in her life, only standard cures for her disorders.

She follows a general vegan eating routine, but the products she consumes are solely from her own garden. Her husband owned a meat store in the 1960s which influenced her eating regime turning her to become a vegetarian, and after two decades she turned to full raw vegan.

Her eating routine is consisted of customary things, nuts, veggies, seeds, and juices, but as mentioned before all her products come from her own garden. The only beverage she drinks is believe it or not, rainwater. Since she is a full raw vegan, she does not consume anything cooked or made either.

Her whole lifestyle comes from her own garden; she even sews her own specific bits of clothing. Here it is what her husband says about her: “She’s a staggering individual, regardless. She does everything. Makes PCs, makes all her own specific vestments, grows the food, and speaks three languages. It’s dazzling.”

Annette is a solid proof of the saying what you eat is what your body will be like. She managed by consuming raw vegetables to maintain her health and youth, which is amazing to achieve in this hectic way of living.

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