We are all aware that the mixture of honey and lemon juice is the perfect natural remedy for relieving colds. Honey has been used since ancient times. It is an antibacterial remedy that strengthens the whole immune system and speeds up any healing process in our body. Lemon is abundant in vitamin C. It also possesses the ability to strengthen the immune system and promote healing. When these two ingredients are combined, they can do wonders, among which the most common one is fight colds and flu.

Crystal Davis is a woman from Australia who decided to test this magical mixture, so she started to drink honey-lemon water every day for a whole year. She noticed many improvements and continued to consume it permanently.

Here are some of the benefits she discovered:

Increased Energy – She didn’t need coffee so that she could function in the morning and had more energy during the whole day;

Increased Alkalinity – Lemons neutralize the body acid and reduce the acid reflux, upset stomach, acidosis, as well as other side effects related to acid. People with chronic illness related to stomach acid should definitely consult a doctor before trying this method;

Improved Oral Health –Lemon cleans the mouth and kicks the salivary glands into action, while at the same time it’s removing bacteria from the teeth. Honey on the other hand, helps in their destruction, resulting in better breath and improved oral health;

Hydrated Lymphatic System –Dehydration can be very difficult for the complete organism, especially for the lymphatic system and it can cause numerous illnesses. This mixture will help it stay hydrated;

A stronger Immune System – She noticed that she did not catch cold, flu, or any stomach-related illness for a whole year. She remained unaffected, while the rest of her family caught several;

Weight Loss –Lemon assists the liver to produce bile that assists the body breaks down the food so that all the nutrients can be absorbed easily. Honey assists the stomach in the production of mucus so that the body could flush out toxins. When we combine these two ingredients together, the body is able to reach a healthy weight;

No UITs – This mixture is actually a natural diuretic that eliminates Davis’ UITs. It also stimulates the digestive system in keeping the body regular;

Glowing Skin –Honey can increase collagen. Lemons purify the blood, which is resulting in a healthy and glowing skin.

NOTE: It would be better for you to use organic raw honey and organic lemons!

Prepare the remedy by adding 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ a lemon juice into a cup of boiling water. Stir it and in the end add a splash of cold water so that it can be cool enough for you to drink it.

Enjoy the benefits of this natural magic!

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