Weight Gain, Anxiety and Other Hormone Problems Your Home is Causing (and how to fix them)

Growing up is a natural process of hormonal change that develops over several stages of your life. It’s not easy dealing with hormones: from puberty to menopause, your hormones are sending chemical signals that affect the way your cells and organs operate. Although hormonal change is a very normal affair, it may cause you at times to feel abnormal. For many women and men, it’s a breezy jog through the park, but for others, it’s a grueling sprint up a mountainside at every turn of the hormonal bend.

But not all hormone change is necessarily natural or good. Unusual hormonal imbalance can be caused by a variety of factors from chemicals to health issues. It can be hard to distinguish natural versus unnatural hormonal change, but here are a few symptoms of an irregular hormonal imbalance: persistent weight gain; belly fat and loss of muscle mass; low libido; fatigue, anxiety, and depression; insomnia and poor sleep patterns; sweating; digestion problems; cravings.


Watch this video for more on hormone balancing:


You may not know it, but there are hundreds of endocrine (hormone) disruptors around your house. These endocrine disrupting compounds are found in everyday household chemicals and products, and overtime they can cause serious problems for our hormonal systems. These substances interfere with the synthesis, secretion, binding, action, and elimination of regular hormonal patterns. Their presence will affect the development of your behavior, fertility, and metabolism. Simply put, they’re no good. Let’s take a look at the most prevalent hormone disruptors.

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