WARNING WOMEN! Never Eat This Part of The Chicken! The Reason Will Shock You…

This is a story sent by one of our followers, who wished to keep his/her name anonymous. Take a look at this real life terrifying story:

“A friend of mine recently had a growth in her womb and underwent surgery for a cyst removed. The cyst that was removed was filled with a dark colored blood. She thought she would recover after the surgery, but she was in a very bad shape. It relapsed a few months after the surgery. She went to her gynecologist for a consultation. During the consultation, the doctor asked a question that puzzled her. He asked if she had consumed chicken wings frequently and she replied yes, wondering how he knew about her eating habits. ”

Numerous experts claim that chicken are injected with steroids which accelerates their growth. In that way, they would look more attractive.

Chickens are injected with steroids in the neck or the wings. In these parts of theirs, the concentration of steroids is the highest.

These steroids have terrible effects on the human body. They have an even more dangerous effect on women, because they cause changes in their hormones, which definitely makes women more prone to cyst growth in their womb, as well as in their breasts.

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