Warning !! New STI is Spread .. Hundreds of People Are Already Infected

A massive spread of a new STI is registered at the moment and it has already affected millions of people in only few weeks!

According to numerous medical experts, this new STI is very dangerous and it is spreading very fast. The worst thing about it is that people aren’t even aware that they have it! The symptoms aren’t obvious and if it’s left untreated, it can cause many serious health problems and also affect your fertility!

This horrible disease is caused by a genus of bacteria for which even doctors know little about and it’s called mycoplasma. The symptoms aren’t very specific. The most common ones are: vaginal bleeding, testicle problems and smelly discharge during sex. They can all be easily mistaken for another disease.

In females, the most common symptoms are: pain during intercourse, unusual vaginal bleeding, infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

Mycoplasma-related STIs are common, but still, science doesn’t have much information about this disease.

According to a recent study, this disease primarily affects young people, but it can also affect middle aged women and men, too. Now, this STI has started to spread quickly through the UK as well.

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