Nicotine keeps people smoking even though they are aware that it is bad for the health. This chemical causes addiction. The body gets used to nicotine and becomes unable to function normally without it and the more one smokes, the more nicotine they’d need to function properly. Once the body fails to get the needed nicotine, the person craves for cigarettes and feels anxious and restless. This condition is familiar as withdrawal, taking a certain period of time to be overcome. The physical symptoms may disappear after a few days, but the cravings can stay for a longer period of time.

In case you want to quit smoking then you are at the right place. Stevia is a herb known to destroy the carvings of cigarettes.

Use stevia to quit smoking

A German study reported that stevia assists in curing the addiction of cigarette and alcohol as it blocks the cravings signals that the body tries to send, and in turn it helps to overcome the carvings easily. This plant is part of the chrysanthemum family with its origin from Paraguay where people used it as a natural sweetener.

In order to quit smoking, you’ll need to apply a few drops of Stevia on your tongue every time you feel that urge you light a cigarette. This is a very beneficial trick which will help you kill smoking carvings. You can found stevia in a powder and liquid form, and also can be purchased in health-food stores and bigger supermarkets.

Moreover, stevia is a great too for fighting obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, has the power to tighten, nourish, and smoothen the skin. For this reason stevia is used in many skin are products. The plant is very effective in treating dermatitis and acne.

Grow stevia at home

The plant will thrive in areas which are warm and dies off at low temperatures. It can survive in the winder in zones 9 and warmer, re-appearing spring. It can overwinter in zone 8 as well with the adequate protection.

Use at last 12-inch pot with high-quality soil if you plan on planting stevia in containers. Place it in areas which are well-lit and water it when you feel the top of the soil is dry to the touch.

Care and soil planting

If you plant it in loose, loamy, and well-drained soil the plant may grow up to 3 meters in height, depending on the length of the growing season. Make sure that all danger of frost has passed before planting it. Use Vegetable Plant food or Bonnie Herb to feed the soil and use mulch in order to prevent the plant from dying out during the hot summer days.


The plant does not want soggy soil, thus make sure that it has proper drainage so that the roots don’t rot. In case the plant becomes wilt and does not recover after watering, the probability of the plant that it is useless or rotten is high.

Storage and harvest

Once the plant blooms, you should trim the flowers so that the plant can grow more leaves. When fall comes, the plant bears white flowers and offers fewer good leaves for harvest. To encourage the growth of more leaves trim off the blooms.

The leaves are the sweetest during the end of fall and their taste is best before blooming. You can make stevia for use by drying it out. The stems should be cut and the leaves stripped, and finally to be spread over woven fabric or outdoors. It will be enough to dry them for 1 day, thus make sure that you move them inside before the dew dampens on them. You may use a food dehydrator if possible. When the leaves are dry completely, you should crush or grind them in a food processor. And finally, store them in an airtight container, using it to sweeten your food and beverages.

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