Use Chia Seed To Burn Your Body Fat Instantly!

Chia seed became very popular in the past few years due to the huge amount of the healthy ingredients. This small black seed originates from Mexico. The name “chia” originates from the language of the Maite which means “power”.  It is harvested from the herb Salvia hispanica.


Why you should consume chia seed?

These seeds contain 5 grams of fiber in just one teaspoon. These fibers particularly assist digestion and keep you fed. They also contain omega-3, manganese, phosphorus and protein.

It controls your blood sugar level.

The chia seed is used in preparing desserts because its represents a kind of barrier between Carbohydrate and digestive enzymes. This results in a steady release of energy, unlike sugar that causes sudden ups and downs, which is especially helpful for diabetics. Try a pudding or fruit yogurt prepared with chia seeds.

It keeps you hydrated.

Because a chia seed can absorb a lot of water, it can help the body to retain fluids and electrolytes, which is great for athletes and active kids. If you are planning to undergo a day on a hot sun, prepare BREAKFAST prepared with chia seeds which are previously immersed in water.

It’s easily digested.

Chia seed is easily digested and absorbed in our digestive system. The most of the nutrients, which these seed contain, are soluble in water, that’s why immersed seed is more easily processed in the body.

It cleans your intestines.

Chia seed acts as a brush for cleaning your colon, because it removes even old food waste. If consumed regularly it provides regular stool, and therefore, represents an excellent food for people with chronic constipation.

It helps in losing weight.

Chia seed also, can help the losing of extra pounds because of the control of insulin which is responsible for increasing the fat tissue, especially around the belly.

How to use chia seed:

It has multiple purposes. Most often is used for preparing pudding, cakes, breakfast along with grains and other seeds. The seed is hydrophilic, which means that it absorbs liquid and to thereby forms a gel. For less than 10 minutes, the seed can absorb 10 times more than its own weight! You can make chia gel with immersing 1/3 cup of chia seeds in 2 glasses of water / juice, and leave it overnight. This gel with water can have a lasting period of up to three weeks if kept in the fridge. This gel can be consumed alone or may be added in various beverages.

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