With all the amazing results natural remedies offer, people turn to them more and more. One of the natural cures that can help in many diseases is castor oil along with baking soda. In only 24 hours, this combo can treat many health problems. Baking soda has the power to neutralize the toxins and irritants on the surface of the skin and help in relieving minor skin irritation and itching. Moreover, it helps with neutralizing stomach acid, relieve indigestion, heartburn, and ulcer pain.

Castor oil can treat many diseases which are resistant to conventional therapies. It helps with:

  • Warts – rub it on the affected area on regular basis for a period of 4 weeks;
  • Hyperactivity – apply some oil on the abdominal area;
  • Cataracts – put one drop on the affected spot each night before going to sleep;
  • Fungal infections – apply castor oil on your feet regularly;
  • Hair growth – massage your scalp with the oil for 20 minutes prior hair washing and repeat the procedure on regular basis;
  • Chronic diarrhea – to soothe this condition apply coatings of the oil on the abdominal area;
  • Strain ankle – coat it and let the oil act during the night for pain relief and faster healing;
  • Hepatitis – use the oil to effectively treat this health condition;
  • Snoring – apply coatings of the oil on your stomach to eliminate snoring in 2 weeks;
  • Stretch marks – massage them with the oil on a regular basis. It will help eliminate the stretch marks especially after pregnancy;
  • Skin cancer – combine the oil with some baking soda in order to treat this condition;
  • Pilonidal cyst – treat it by applying castor oil on a regular basis;
  • Moles – apply the oil regularly on the moles of 3-4 weeks;
  • Nicotine addiction – consume several drops of the oil daily;
  • Bee sting – the oil will help soothe the pain and the swelling;
  • Improve hearing – put a few drops in each ear;
  • Dark spots – make a mixture of the oil and some baking soda to remove dark spots from your face;
  • Tinnitus – for a period of 4 months, you should consume 6-8 drops of the oil;
  • Allergies – 5 drops of the oil should be consumed each morning;
  • Chronic hoarseness and vocal cord nodules – treat them by regularly applying coatings of the oil on the neck;
  • Eye allergies – apply the oil on your eyelids before going to bed;
  • Bruises and cuts – it can accelerate the process of healing;
  • Calcium deposits – use castor oil to massage your soles each day;
  • Pain in the lower back – apply coatings of the oil at least once a week.

How to prepare coating of castor oil?

This oil is often used in coatings due to its ability to increase circulation. In order to prepare this cure, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Castor oil (cold pressed);
  • Plastic foil;
  • A towel
  • Clean gauze;
  • A bottle of hot water.

Thoroughly clean your skin with baking soda solution before you use the coating and after its use.

How to prepare it: heat the castor oil and use a gauze to soak in it, but it should not drip. Place it on the affected spot, cover it with a plastic foil, and place the bottle with hot water over it, wrapping it with a clean towel. Let it stay for 1 hour while you lie down and relax. This method can be repeated for a period of 40 days, making sure to add sufficient amounts of the oil before each use. Before using it, always heat the coating. In case the smell or color of the oil has changed, then prepare a new coating.

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