Tutorial On Making Turmeric Pain Removal Tea

We all somehow need cures for headaches, back pain and other issues that require meds and pills like ibuprofen or Motrin, Advil, Nurofen and Nuprin too.

The ibuprofen is removing any kind of pain in the body but the long effect problem is still present inside.

If you have too much of these pills certainly many side effects will follow like high pressure, erection problems, nausea, diarrhea, gastro intestine bleedings, risk for heart attack, kidney cancer risk and much more!

But luckily we have many other options and they come from nature. One of them is turmeric.

The ibuprofen and others such meds inhibit the cyclooxygenase 2 COX enzyme 2 and make the inflammation worse with time. But the turmeric is mild and gentle in effect and natural 100%

This antural item has many useful ingredients like the curcuma the best one. Also, this turmeric tea is the best of all teas as far as inflammation or pain go.


This tea is helping the joints and muscles to relax and heal, and the whole body heals at the same time. This recipe of this article will teach you how to make this tea at home. Also you can consider adding ginger for better results.

The recipe
You need:
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 tbsp grated root turmeric or 1 full tsp turmeric ground
  • Lemon or honey for taste
Making of:

Boil the water and when it bubbles, add the turmeric. Then if you prefer, freshly grate the turmeric before adding and boil it 20 min. strain this tea and add the lemon/honey for the taste in the end.

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