Try Rubbing 3 Aspirins In Your Hair. What Will Happen Later Is Pure Madness. You Need To Try It! (Video)

One of the most popular and widely used painkillers is definitely aspirin. People use it to alleviate symptoms of simple colds, but also various pains which are more serious.

But, you may not know that aspirin can be used for many things that would surprise you, besides its regular use.

Felix Hoffman was the scientist who managed to isolate the active ingredient in aspirin (salicylic acid) in 1897. That was the time when painkillers became so popular and the medicine has been used for the treatment of headaches ever since.

Nowadays, it is estimated that around 40 000 tons of aspirin are used each year, and it is not only used against pain. The little white pill can also be used for other purposes that will simply amaze you!

Take a look at the video we’ve prepared you!

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