Tired Of Getting Your Thighs Chafed Every Summer? Here’s The Easiest Tip To Prevent It

One of the most unpleasant, as well as embarrassing parts of summer is chafing. When heat and sweat come into contact with our skin, it often results in a painful rash in the nether-regions. It can be very painful and make you itch all the time, but luckily we’ve got several tips for you on how to prevent it!

  1. Wear shorts instead of skirts or dresses: Skirts and dresses offer no protection from skin-on-skin contact while the cool summer breeze feels great blowing around your legs. A better option would be to wear a pair of moisture-wicking shorts.
  1. Like your skirts in summer? Try bike shorts! Slip on a pair of bike or exercise shorts under your skirt or dress. These shorts are designed to pull moisture away from your skin, and keep your thighs from actually touching.
  1. Apply diaper rash cream: Our parents have actually used this old reliable to keep their tots comfy for decades. Look for a diaper cream that contains zinc oxide because it’s antibacterial. Apply it to the affected area as needed.
  1. Apply some antiperspirant deodorant on your inner thighs: Swab your inner-thighs with antiperspirant. This type of deodorant works by preventing sweat from getting to the surface of your skin. No sweat means no chafing!
  1. Coconut oil: This miraculous oil can keep your skin comfy during the summer. It keeps your skin slick, without rubbing. Coconut oil also possesses antibacterial properties that can help you prevent bacteria build up from sweat and dirt.



  1. Wear Bandelettes to keep your thighs apart: They are similar to lace-top thigh-highs and are sexier than bike shorts and diaper cream. Bandelettes slip around your thighs and keep your skin from touching.
  1. Use a lubricant balm: You can use the same lubricant you use to eliminate friction elsewhere. Just lather up the thighs with your lube of choice (it may be baby oil or petroleum jelly) to prevent friction. But, you should know that this method can be messy, so you should use it if you plan to run long distances or you need a fix in a pinch.
  1. You can use antibiotic ointment on the affected area to help it to heal: Your skin rubs together until it’s raw when your chafe. This can easily allow bacteria and germs to enter your body and take your chafe from painful to burning hell in only several seconds. Apply your favorite antibacterial ointment each night to speed the healing of the skin and protect against germs so that you can prevent infection.
  1. Try Aloe vera: We all know that many people use aloe vera apply on their sunburns, but it can also be used to ease chaffing pain. You can mix some aloe vera juice with 1/4 cup green tea and lavender oil. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, shake well and apply it to affected areas to relieve your pain.
  1. Use specific chafing relief ointments: Bodyglide is a balm that comes in a convenient deodorant-type stick, so your hands don’t get messy, sticky or gross. It holds up after hours of walking around a crowded theme park, so it’ll do for regular days, too.
  1. Apply baby powder: Dust a bit of baby powder between the thighs before you head out the door. This powder keeps your skin dry and prevents friction, so you feel the painful chafe. Still, it’s a bit messy and you’ll need to reapply it throughout the day.
  1. You can use male groin hygiene lotion: You can use the same stuff that guys buy to keep their “manhood” from getting chafed to keep your thighs safe, too.



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