You Throw These Bags In The Trash? When You See What Can They Do, You`ll Keep Them Like Gold!

The little bags full with silicone gel can be found in the boxes when we buy shoes and other products. People usually think that they’re useless and toxic, but in this article we’re going to show you several of their uses that will simple amaze you. These silica gel bags contain a silicon dioxide inside of them that shouldn’t be eaten, but it is really useful to have these bags at your home. There are granules inside of each bag, and they can be seen in white or light yellow color.

These bags offer you protection against moisture when you store some things. The protection against moisture is attained by sealing the shoes or some other product in a suitable polythene container or bag together with an appropriate sized desiccant set.

These silica gel bags are usually stored for product freshness.

Here, we’re presenting you some great ways on how to use the silica gel bags at home:
  • Put them in the training bag

The main benefit you can have from these bags is to absorb moisture. They actually multiply in a humid environment, so they will help you save your bag of bacteria! Your bag will be dry, clean and without any bad smell!

  • Save your cosmetics

Put a silica bag gel in your make-up case in order to save the powder products from moisture.

  • Put them in the wardrobe with the clean clothes

If you put them in the wardrobe with clean clothes, it will help you keep the good smell of your clothes longer on the exact same way the silicon dioxide will prevent the spread of moisture.


  • Save your cell phone

If you somehow dropped your phone in water, put 4 to 5 silica gel bags and then put your phone in the contents. You’ll quickly notice that it will be dry because the silicon dioxide has the ability to absorb all the water. So, the following time you get some of these by buying something, make sure you don’t throw them away, but use them wisely!

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