This Woman Fought Her Colon Cancer With A Natural Plant…That Wasn’t Cannabis! (Video)

The family of Ivelisse Page has a history of colon cancer. Her father died from the disease in his thirties. Due to the fact that she was at higher risk of developing the illness, she decided to eat only organic food and have regular exercises. But the quality lifestyle didn’t have positive effects because she developed colon cancer at the age of just 37. After she was diagnosed, Mrs. Page had 15 inches of the colon with 28 lymph nodes removed, and later 20% of her liver was also removed. But, after she had done some research on her disease, she refused to do one very popular treatment – THE CHEMOTHERAPY.

This Woman Fought Her Colon Cancer With A Natural Plant…That Wasn’t Cannabis!

Instead of chemotherapy, Ivelisse Page decided to use homeopathic remedies and supplements, as well as mistletoe injections (which is a popular alternative cancer treatment in Europe). Seven years since her diagnosis, she is cancer free after winning the battle against IV stage colon cancer, that statistically, only 11% of the patients can survive.

Mistletoe Can Beat Cancer

The mistletoe treatments for Mrs. Page was prescribed by Dr. Peter Hinderberger. Dr. Hinderberger has working experience in a Switzerland cancer clinic that is specialized in the use of this treatment. Since then, mistletoe is the most important part of his cancer protocol. According to Baltimore Sun, mistletoe has a substance called viscotoxin. And even though it is poisonous, mistletoe targets and kills cancer cells and improves the immune system of the patient at the same time. Also, after analyzing material that was collected for 27 years, a European study from 2001 has found that mistletoe treatment extended the survival rate by about 40%  in 1,668 patients who had suffered from different types of cancer.

Is Mistletoe Approved In The USA?

The mistletoe therapy is accepted and covered by health insurances in some European countries such as Germany, but the extract is not approved by the FDA. Suzanne Somers, an actress, singer, and author of Knockout, (a book for alternative cancer therapies), had used mistletoe extract injections for her natural healing protocol for cancer. But unfortunately, her book didn’t have a big impact on U.S. soil.

Ever since 2011, Ivelisse Page is trying to educate people about the importance of natural cancer treatments such as the mistletoe treatment through her nonprofit organization called Believe Big. In 2013, Believe Big started to raise funds for mistletoe clinical trials at Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. These trials would take 5-8 years to complete and patients with different types of cancers will participate.

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