The Rule Of 2.25″ Reveals If Short Or Long Hair Style Suits You Better!

Have you ever heard of the hairdressing rule of 2.25 inches?

It was conceived by British hairdresser John Frieda from ‘Color Wow’, who claims that this measure plays a breaking role when choosing whether to shorten the hair or leave the little longer. It’s definitely worth to try this simple test…

The Rule Of 2.25″ Reveals If Short Or Long Hair Style Suits You Better!

Measure the distance between the jaw and the ear, and discover what your hairstyle suits you best. You do not need to consult with the hairdresser, or spend hours researching on the web site if you want to cut your hair short. Just reach for a pencil and ruler.

Lay the ruler perpendicular to the neck below the ear and put a pencil under the chin horizontally. If the distance between the ear and chin is larger than 2.25 inches it means that that person looks better with longer hair. If the distance between the two points on the face is 2.25 inches or less, those people look better with short hair.

‘It’s all about the angles. This is rule by John Frieda after he studied the face of his famous clients. It is the best guide for hairdressers to offer its clients the best possible hairstyle that will flatter their face shape, ‘claims Giles Robinson from’ Color Wow ‘specialized in hair products.

The rule 2.25 inches can be shown best on the famous ladies in the world of public life.

Halle Berry and Audrey Hepburn, for example, belong to the club of those whose distance between the chin and the neck is smaller than 2.25 inches, while Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker are in the ‘rival’ camp.

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