Suffering With A Bloated Stomach? She Get Rid Of Bloated Stomach In Only 12 Hours…Here`s How

Recently, a fitness blogger named Tiffany Brien shared a “bad day” photo with her followers in order to warn them to look after their body. The blogger posted 2 pictures of herself side by side – she was badly bloated in one and had a flat stomach in the other. The shocking thing? These photos were taken 12 hours apart!

Tiffany took the first picture before going to bed while the other was taken after she woke up. She put them online to show everyone that nobody’s perfect and it’s very normal to have a bad day. Tiffany says that her bloated stomach was a result of stress, lack of sleep, hormones and food intolerances, problems which she has been struggling with for years.

This is why she made some tests to see what bloated her and found out that the problem was triggered by certain foods or stressful activities. However, in some cases, she wasn’t sure what caused the bloating. Tiffany tried her best to eat a healthy diet, but the problem remained. She says that her body is intolerant to some foods, and there’s no better solution to treat the bloating than working out.

The main causes of bloating are lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and stress. Tiffany loves her job, but says that it is stressful which is why she does yoga, walks her dog and enjoys a quite evening at home often. This helps her relax and deals with the consequences of stress.

Even though many people know what they’re doing wrong, implementing a change into your lifestyle can be hard. Everyone needs a bit more sleeping time and relaxation that will help you relieve stress. If you’re suffering from bloating as well, you should first look for the problem in order to apply the appropriate therapy. Bloating is often a sign of irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease, but stress is the biggest trigger for the symptom.

Food intolerances can be a problem as well, so you should identify them and eat a healthy diet. Dairy and gluten intolerances have become pretty common nowadays, so if you’re suffering from them you should see a nutritionist.

Tiffany Brien’s anti-bloating tips are:

  • Get more sleep!
  • Write a food diary to identify what causes the problem;
  • Try taking multivitamins and probiotics;
  • Drink peppermint tea to soothe your tummy.

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