Stop eating this every day! THIS can kill you!!!

The way you prepare your food can be pretty harmful for you, so if you prepare it carelessly it could be even life-threatening. You always need to prepare and preserve your food properly so that you can avoid food poisoning. People aren’t even aware that there are foods which are natural toxins.

Here are some of the foods that we often consume, but shouldn’t be eaten every day as they have their toxic side:

Mushrooms – The poison is fatal in about 6% of toxic mushrooms.

Rhubarb –The green leaves are full of oxalic acid. They can provoke kidney stones, but if you eat it in larger quantities, it can be fatal.

Beans –Beans possess large amounts of toxins called lectins. Plant lectin acts as some primitive protection system which is analogous to human antibodies. Can you imagine that only three cooked beans can cause vomiting and diarrhea?

Apples – Cyanide is the toxic compound found in apple seeds. Eating them in large quantities can get you poisoned, so do not forget to throw them away!

Tomatoes – The green leafy part of the fruit contains a toxin called tomatin. This toxin can be used in pest control. People who suffer from rheumatism should avoid eating tomatoes.

Potatoes – Green potatoes contain higher amounts of the glycoalkaloids poison. There are recorded deaths even though they are rare.

Brazilian nuts – They belong to the foods with the highest doses of natural radioactivity. They contain 800 times the concentration of radioactive compounds found in any other food!

Cherries – Cherry seeds contain cyanide. If you swallow several seeds, you can get poisoned, increase your body temperature, breathe very heavily etc. Do not forget to throw them away!

Nutmeg –Nutmeg is a well-known hallucinogen. It can even lead to a type of psychosis associated with a sense of certain doom. Your psychological state can be seriously violated if you overdose on it.

Puffer fish – This type of fish is a Japanese delicacy that can even lead to paralysis and death! Chefs train for two to three years so that they can learn how to prepare it.

Be careful of the food you eat! Stay safe and healthy!

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