Brown spots, also known as age spots can be seen in many people. But, even though they aren’t scary, they can destroy someone’s self-confidence. Age spots commonly appear on the face area, limbs, shoulders and hands. As you grow old, they are likely to multiply, which is where they got their name from. One of the first signs of the unavoidable aging process is large, brown spots.

In this article, we’re going to present you the best way that will help you remove them. It’s a very simple trick and all you need are just 2 common household items! First, you have to understand the ‘origin’ of your brown spots, and determine whether you can find a proper way to prevent their occurrence.

What triggers the appearance of age spots?

Some of the major contributors to the occurrence of brown spots are the excessive exposure to sunlight and UV rays are, regardless of whether you like tanning without any sunscreen on or prefer using a tanning bed. Intense UV exposure is very bad. Melanin appears quicker in your body the more you tan yourself. Melanin is actually ‘the thing’ that makes your skin dark and chocolatey.

Your tan will disappear, but brown splotches will remain on the very same skin areas that have been mostly exposed to sun. The melanin has been overactive in these skin areas, and ugly age spots are the only result you will be left with.

Can age spots harm health?

It does not necessarily mean that every age spot will turn into cancer, but here are some things that you must keep in mind:

  • Observe your age spots, and see if they are different in color, especially if some are much darker than others.
  • Look for any funky borders around the spots.
  • Pay special attention to any growing or changing spot.
  • If you notice that your brown spots have become red or tender, consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • If any of these signs worries you, ask for an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist.
  • Regular self-examinations are the best way to track changes and prevent unwanted outcome.

Use the “ABCDE’s of Melanoma” test to eliminate every doubt. This will help you determine if your spots go in the direction they are not supposed to.

Get rid of your age spots

Here’s our very simple trick:

We’re suggesting you a simple juice solution made from two basic ingredients that will only take you several minutes to prepare it. Fresh onion juice and organic apple cider vinegar will do wonders for your skin. Onion juice is a traditional home remedy for skin scarring. The antioxidants found in onions reduce free radical damage, and thus protect the outer skin layer.

Alpha hydroxyl acids in apple cider vinegar act as natural exfoliants and they remove dead skin layers. Combine these two, and the results will definitely amaze you!

Anti-age spot mixture


Dice a fresh onion. Transfer the bits into a Ziploc bag and pulverize them using a blunt surface. Process the onion in a blender along with half a cup of organic apple cider vinegar. The texture should be smooth.

Soak a cotton ball with this mixture and apply it directly on your age spots. Use this every day for 2-4 weeks in order to get the optimal results.

This solution is natural, cheap, and simple. You cannot use convenient and effective in the same sentence for any other method. The first results should appear within several weeks, but you should treat your spots every day.

Is there any way to prevent age spots?

You can prevent the occurrence of large spots by calculating the time you spend out in the sun. Wear long-sleeved shirts and comfy pants whenever you can, and it’s obligatory to use sunscreen! Your skin needs sunscreen in winter, too. Always use sunscreen! Stay away from tanning beds! They are very harmful for your skin!

Consult your doctor whenever you see a dark spot on your skin that wasn’t there before!

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