Every woman pays a lot of attention to her hair. It is their symbol of femininity and beauty and they try to keep it and always be beautiful, but unfortunately, not every woman can afford that. Those who can afford proper care know how hard it can be because it really damages the hair. Some of the treatments include: frequent hair treatment with chemicals, heat, binding, and inadequate care which only make the hair break, become dry, thin or damaged. All these factors, with the daily stress and changes in the organism cause increased hair loss.

If you’re one of those people who suffer from hair loss, you can try the miraculous shampoo we’re recommending you in this article! It is very easy to prepare and is 100% efficient. The results will appear only after several times you wash your hair. Your hair will be stronger, fluttery and after only two months of regular use, new hair will start to appear which will cause increased volume.

  • one shampoo of nettle
  • drops of nettle 30 ml (one bottle)
  • panthenol 100 ml (aqueous solution)
  • AD drops, 30 ml of aqueous solution (one bottle)
  • two vials of vitamin B
  • castor oil 50ml

In 750 ml of shampoo of nettle, mix the whole bottle of the panthenol (100 ml), the whole bottle of nettle drops (30ml), the whole bottle of AD drops and the castor oil. Shake everything well.

How does this shampoo work:

This shampoo is extremely helpful for your hair, but also for your scalp because it’s a real vitamin bomb.

Nettle: it has the ability to accelerate the peripheral circulation and also the blood flow to the scalp. In this way, it speeds up the metabolic processes in the epidermis which makes the other ingredients of this shampoo to become faster and better absorbed.

Panthenol: the pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) present in panthenolpreserves the proper function of the scalp and stimulates its regenerative process.

The castor oil: this miraculous oil is known tostrengthen the cuticle. It is abundant in vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. The vitamin E is a very important antioxidant which prevents the action of the free radicals and their harmful effects on the scalp and the hair roots. This oil possesses regenerative properties, destroys the fungus responsible for the dandruff. It acts protectively on the skin of the scalp, but also soothing and healing, while with its thick and sticky consistency it removes the extinct cells of the scalp, preventing them to clog the hair follicle which would result in slower hair growth.

AD drops: the vitamin A has the ability to act in many different physiological functions in the human body.It has regenerative effects on the scalp of your head.

Vitamin B complex:this vitamin is especially good for your hair because it feeds and in that way, returns its strength.

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