This Simple Exercise Removes Back and Belly Fat in No Time!

Many people are trying to transform their body with numerous exercises which take a lot of time and aren’t effective always as well. But, what if there was one exercise to rule them all? One simple way to truly transform your body and get you into shape? Such an exercise exists, and will only take 4 minutes of your free time a day.

The exercise is called the plank and you’ve probably heard all about it up until now. The plank has become highly popular in recent years thanks to its ability to tone your whole body without spending ages in the gym. It is simple to perform and won’t take more than 4-5 minutes of your free time.

Today we’ll introduce the Plank Challenge which will help you get in shape in only 28 days. The idea is to do the plank every day, starting from 20 seconds until you get to 4 minutes on the last day. This full body workout will tone all your muscle groups and get you the body you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s how the plan looks like:

For the first two days, you’ll only need 20-second planks. Go for 30 on days 3 and 4, and 40 seconds on day 5. Take a day’s rest, then go for a 50-second plank on days 7 and 9. During days 10 and 11, you need to perform a one-minute plank.

Do a 90-second plank on day 12, rest on the 13th day, then continue with a 90-second plank on days 14 and 15. Days 16 and 17 are reserved for a full two-minute plank.

Go for 150 seconds on day 18, take a day break, then continue with a 150-second plank on days 20 and 2a. Increase the duration of the plank to 180 seconds on days 22 and 23, then go for 210 on the next day and take a break. Continue with a 210-second plank on day 26, then go for 240 seconds on the last two days.

Once you’re done with the challenge, the results will be pretty noticeable! Here’s a video which will show you how to do the perfect plank:

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