This Simple Exercise Can Literally Melt Your Belly Fat In 2 Weeks

The number of people dealing with obesity is increasing from year to year in USA. It is not just that it will make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin the worse thing is that it comes along with many health problems. The belly fat is maybe the most unattractive part, but this article will try to help to those who suffer from that condition with showing you an easy exercise that can help you to burn the belly fat in 2 weeks.

Many people do not start working out because they do not have the time or can’t make the numerous crunches in order to melt the belly fat, but this exercise provides much better results and that was proved by the best fitness experts. You won’t believe what you can achieve with proper breathing which is the secret of this exercise.

Personal trainer at the British Results Health & Performance Center named Rick Sturla said that doing numerous crunches is not needed to melt your belly fat, all you will have to learn is to do this breathing technique properly. The results of doing this exercise properly will be noticeable in a very short period of time, and with doing it properly you will strengthen the entire central part of your body and stabilize your spine.


  1. The first thing you will have to do in the morning after waking up on empty stomach is to lie on the back with your knees bent and feet on the mattress. Now suck your belly in hard and breathe in deep. Sucking your belly harder will provide you better results.
  2. Your first goal should be to keep your belly contracted for 15 minutes but you should keep setting new goals with extended time up to an hour. Remember to take shallow breaths as needed and repeat the method 3 to 5 times daily.
  3. When you achieve those goals, it is time for a more difficult version of this exercise and you will need to kneel on your hands and knees and to sit upright in a chair or on Exercise ball.
  4. If you are not giving up and you are doing everything properly you will be able to keep your stomach contracted while sitting or standing throughout the whole day.

If you want to notice improvements in just 2 weeks, you should have balanced diet and to stick to your usual workout session no matter what.

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