Rub Your Feet With This And Say Goodbye To Varicose Veins, Corns And Cracked Heels In Just 10 Days

The feet are not uncovered continuously like our fingers, that’s why human beings forget to care about them. This leads to numerous problems such as dry pores and skin, itchy ft, corns and fungal infections. Those troubles are most customarily due to uncomfortable footwear, negative food regimen and absence of pores and skin moisture, however they may be easily handled with the assist of a herbal remedy with a purpose to enhance the situation of your ft and remedy troubles such as varicose veins as properly.

Right here’s a way to prepare it:


1 tablespoon of turmeric

1 cup of rubbing alcohol

10 aspirin pills


Pour the alcohol in a container, then upload the turmeric and blend properly. Subsequent, overwhelm the aspirin tablets to powder and add them to the aggregate, then cowl the field and leave the combination to infuse for 24 hours.


Observe the mixture for your feet and rub it in gently, then wrap your ft in a cotton cloth and cover the whole thing with plastic foil. Put on socks to comfortable the whole thing in region, and leave the remedy to paintings overnight.

Dispose of the coating inside the morning and rinse your ft with lukewarm water, then observe a hydrating cream and that’s it. Repeat the remedy each night before going to bed for 10 days for excellent outcomes.

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