Sodium bicarbonate is formed of crystalline blend compound which is known also as a warming pop. It was first used by the Egyptians.


  • A paste made of sodium bicarbonate and water can help you treat extremely touchy reactions from the lethal substances found in ivy or sumac.
  • It can be used for cleaning.
  • Combining sodium bicarbonate with some water can be also used as a corrosive neutralizer.
  • It also has different medicinal uses. It can be used to protect the pancreas as well as improve the work of your kidneys.
  • People who have kidney problems usually have low bicarbonate levels, a condition known as metabolic acidosis.

Thomas Kennedy found out that the trade with sodium bicarbonate is very useful for saline implantation going before discovering that it is also a radio-contrast material which can decrease the nephropathy rate.

He started a research where he included a subjectively picked group out of 134 individuals who experienced kidney disease. They were given a tablet with sodium bicarbonate step by step for a period of one year. The kidney limit of the 134 individuals was orderly decreasing. The self-assertively picked group which was taking sodium bicarbonate consistently experienced 2/3 slower spoil of flourishing than the other group which wasn’t treated with sodium bicarbonate.

This proved that sodium bicarbonate can be used to treat various different illnesses and is especially good for the kidneys.

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