Preserve Your Youth And Beauty With This Teaspoon Massage And Only 10 Minutes A Day

Ladies who are more than 30 should definitely have an appropriate facial back rub. After this age, the skin loses its flexibility and the hypodermis turns out to be more noticeable. Spoon knead helps you save your childhood and magnificence! A German specialist and dermatologist called Renée Koch was the first one to start using it.

Why is spoon rub so great?

The awesome results are guaranteed even without leaving your own home! This back rub will help you dispose of the excessive amount of liquids from your tissues, enhance your blood flow, make your skin versatile, diminish the presence of wrinkles and reestablish facial shapes. The first results should appear in only 10 days! Rubbing your face with a spoon is free! All you need are several tablespoons, a glass of icy water (or you can put some ice in it), and some warm oil. You can use olive, marigold, flax seed or sunflower oil.

Here are the guidelines:

Remove any traces of makeup from your face and apply your normal cream. Clean the tablespoons you are using with some detergent and very cold water. Put the cooled tablespoons on your upper eyelids. Hold them on for several moments. When the tablespoons warm up replace them with new frosty ones. Repeat the same treatment with your lower eyelids. This will help you decrease the puffiness, as well as the dark circles.

After this, put the tablespoons into some warm oil. You can start kneading your face. Apply some gentle weight and move the tablespoons along the accompanying lines: from the beginning of the eyebrow to the point between your eyebrows, the sanctuaries and hairline. Do some round movements on your eyelids. Begin from the inward corner and afterward back to the underlying point. Take after the lines on your cheeks, from the nostrils to the sanctuaries.

From your button to the sanctuaries, from the base of your neck to the button. Rub each line for no less than 10 times. Apply some more oil if it absorbs on your skin and then knead your face for 10 minutes. You might need to begin off with 1-2 minutes and expansion the term for a moment consistently. On day 10, your facial back rub will keep going for 10 minutes.

You’ll see some results even after the first use, but you’ll get the optimal ones in only 10 days!

Take a look at this marvelous video:

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