People With RH Negative Blood Type Are Aliens

Numerous medical studies have come to the discovery that people who have Rhesus negative blood type lack the Rhesus factor. The Rhesus factor is actually a protein substance found in the red blood cells in people without this blood type. According to recent theories, as shocking as this may sound, these people may be from another world and are even classified as aliens!

These theories claim that those people have fallen from heaven like angels.

People who have RH negative blood type are different. They are unique and special in every possible way.

They can donate blood to any other blood type, but when they are in need for blood, only people with blood like theirs can donate them.

It is known that only 10% of the world’s population is with this blood type. Most of the people are from the northern parts of Europe.

There are 4 blood types: O, A, B and AB. The difference between each of them is in the presence of proteins in their blood. The Rhesus negative O blood type doesn’t contain proteins in the blood.

Numerous researchers are trying to discover more things about this blood type. Scientists claim that it is even connected to some groups and tribes of people who lived 35,000 years ago. As we already said, the Rhesus negative O blood type is more common in people around Europe. #% of the African-American population has it and it is only found in 1% of the Asian population.

These people with Rhesus negative blood type have the common characteristics: green, blue or hazel colored eyes, a higher IQ, they are very sensitive to heat, their body temperature is low, they have red hair and are physically and emotionally more aware.

When a pregnant woman with this factor is being analyzed, even more mysteries appear. These women cannot deliver a baby with a Rhesus positive blood type, because their bodies are actually trying to destroy the baby. They are usually prescribed with Anti-D immunoglobulin or Rho (D) which are special sterilized solutions they should use so that they can protect the baby and themselves.

That’s why, some studies claim that aliens also have this Rhesus negative O blood type. Even some reported cases of alien abduction claim that the people they’ve abducted belonged to this blood type.

According to these and other historical studies, aliens may have already changed our human kind genetics!

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