Many people look at castor oil as a toxin for parasite removing or as a laxative, and neglect its healing properties. The castor oil packs are applied topically and affect the internal organs. There have been rumors about it being toxic because of the fact that Big Pharma pushes the herbal remedies aside and keeps its profit intact.

No toxicity problems proven by animal study

There was a study done on rats which showed that the oil is not causing any serious adverse effects. The toxicity comes from ricin which is a toxic compound in the castor bean. During the process of manufacturing, the toxicity is eliminated with the help of cold press and filtering, being used to make the medicinal castor oil. It is quite similar to oleander and mistletoe. They are toxic in their raw forms, but are safe for usage in the form of extract. The process of cold pressing removes toxicity and makes them safe for usage. But, the industrial castor oil is toxic for both people and animals.

Use castor oil as a flush/laxative

Take 1 tbsp. of food grade castor oil before going to sleep to relieve constipation. It also works as a part of a gallstone flush. Use it for a couple days for optimal results.

The castor oil purge consists of 2 oz. of castor oil and 2 oz. of fresh orange juice, being taken on an empty stomach. Sip hot water after half an hour or so. This is a part of the Ayurvedic medicine. 3-4 cups of water need to be consumed each 15 minutes to stimulate flushing. Light food should be consumed, and fried and fatty meals should be avoided.

External applications affect organs

Edgar Cayce, an eminent physic healer praised the castor oil packs for their healing properties and recommended using them, 3-4 linens in order to cover epidermal areas above the affected organs like intestines, kidneys, liver, etc. soak the linens in warm castor oil and apply them on the affected area, covering it with a hot bottle.

The oil provides health benefits and is highly beneficial for skin problems like fungal toenail and acne due to its anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. The oil helped one woman eliminate virus and relieve shingles, while another person confirmed that topical application helped in removing a cyst from a shoulder.

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