Nutritionists and doctors warn us about the dangers of the food we consume every day. We don’t listen to their advices and continue to harm our own health. But, it’s very important to know that by eating these foods we poison our organism and risk our own health. If we want to enjoy a healthy life, as well as wellbeing, we must make some changes into our everyday diet!

Here is a short list of the 10 most dangerous and poisonous foods we must all stop consuming!

  1. Flour:

Flour does the same harm to your organism as sugar by making your insulin levels go up and down Wheat itself is very nutritious, but while it`s being processed, most of its value is lost because most of its fibers and nutrients are removed. This process is making it useless and even harmful for your organism.


  1. Sugar:

Sugar is the No.1 enemy of a healthy diet. It is connected not only to fatness but also to problems with the liver, pancreas, digestive system, and even the nervous system. So, stop consuming sugar immediately, except the one from fruits and honey which is very nutritious and safe for use, if you use it moderately.

  1. Milk:

We all know that milk helps us grow and get strong, but actually, as we get older, our organism cannot digest lactose as earlier, causing food intolerance, inflammation, acids, bloating etc. Limit your intake of milk or stop using it completely. If you can`t, replace it with its substitutes, like rice, almond, cashew or coconut milk, which are easier to digest and are also very delicious.


  1. Donuts:

Donuts are extremely popular, but they have 0 nutritive value, because they only contain white flour and sugar, oil and trans-fats. These things combined are not only unhealthy, causing diabetes or heart problems, but can also be deadly, if they’re consumed regularly.

  1. Fast food:

It is the No.1 reason for obesity, not only in the USA, but worldwide. You must remove this combination of processed meat, sodium and saturated fats from you diet completely.

  1. Sodas:

The nutritive value of sodas and energy drinks is zero. They are full with corn syrup, sugar, artificial dyes, aspartame and all kinds of chemicals, causing many health issues.

  1. Processed meat:

While meat is being processed, it gets filled with sodium and nitrates, which are very unhealthy. The American institute for Cancer Research claims that it is connected to the increased risk of colon cancer, which is more frequent the last few years. The nitrates become nitrites when they’re digested which leads to nitrosamine- a chemical causing cancer.

  1. Potato crisps:

Dale Hattis, who is the leading researcher at Clark University in Massachusetts, has found that acrylamide (a carcinogenic substance created when processing food at high temperatures) is the main reason for the more frequent cancer cases in the USA! Potato crisps are also full with salt and fat, and by regular consumption, we risk heart attack and stroke because of the high cholesterol and hypertension they cause.

  1. Canned soups:

Canned soups are also pumped with salt and sodium. They contain even 890 mg sodium per cane, in average, which is the daily needed dose. Many people are not aware of these facts. This much sodium in you organism causes water retaining, which leads to high blood pressure, later leading to stress on your heart, and even heart attack.

  1. Margarine

You should know that margarine is actually a processed fat which includes trans-fats that our body cannot process. It damages our blood vessels and elevates the levels of cholesterol in our blood.

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