She lost 50 pounds in just 6 weeks only by doing this every night before going to bed

Recently, a new diet called the Flat Belly Overnight eating diet has been taking over the world. It is exceptionally well known among women who don’t have much time for a strict eating routine and exercising. It’s basically the latest formula that will help you lose weight while you rest! It certainly helped one lady who we’re going to present you here. She lost 50 pounds in 6 weeks by only doing one thing before going to bed!

Everything started with the famous trainer Andrew Raposo. He has been using this method on himself for a long time, but he didn’t expect it to be used by others.

Lost pounds

Everything changed when his sister lost 50 pounds using the same method he used before. Andrew’s sister had a problem with her weight for many years.  She had tried many diets and started exercising, but none of them seemed to work. All she thought was that physical activity and diet are the only way to lose weight, at least for some people. But after a woman gets to a certain age of life, it is harder to achieve that. In her case that caused negative effects on her health and she felt tired and started to suffer from insomnia.

She did everything but she was still unable to lose fat in some specific parts of her body.  One of the most problematic areas was the fat belly. That is actually the most difficult part to remove fat from. Because of her belly fat she even developed type 2 diabetes! That is one of the major risks which come from that alongside with danger of stroke, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Women over 40 find it more difficult to melt the belly fat, because of their hormonal change. The hormonal changes appear with age and make the person more likely to gain extra weight by slowing down the metabolism.

Desperate to lose the fat even more, women start dieting with little known facts about the effect which that diet program has on them.  We are usually told that if we exercise regularly, eat a lot of fruit and vegetable and reduce calorie intake we will lose weight easy and health.

Regardless of that, we often suffer with negative results from that kind of programs. That is caused by the inability of the authors to present complex facts and provide proper instructions about their programs.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits are frequently treated with pesticides and toxic chemicals, so they can actually reflect in more harm than good, but they can also affect our ability to lose weight.

Consuming more fruit and vegetable can increase the levels of leptin and cortisone and in that way reduce the fat burning hormones. So, according to this, you have fewer chances to burn fat.

As you get older, when you start reducing calorie intake, your body loses the energy sources and it slows down the metabolism.  That makes it harder to remove the belly fat.

The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is likely to increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes type 2 and stroke.

Flat Belly Overnight is different than other weight loss programs due to the fact that includes guides on how to minimize these negative effects.

Amy Raposo, Andrew’s sister, had diabetes type 2 and a stroke. Andrew advised her to try his trick, but with a couple of changes and modification according to her needs.

She managed to lose 8 pounds in the first 24 hours! She is not a professional athlete, so Andrew thought that the changes they made will affect the good results of the trick. Amy included a 3 minute exercise per day, diet changes and started using spices and herbs.

She ate a lot of food that speeds the metabolism and short excursive stimulated the process of calorie burning. The herbs helped her body to reduce the toxins and free radicals.

After a short period of time, Amy managed to normalize her sugar and blood pressure levels. She also lost 50 pounds which is an extraordinary result! Do not hesitate to try this marvelous diet today!

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