How to Lose Stomach Fat After Menopause – Useful Tips

When menopause ends, women have a hard time getting back in shape. The problem is that the woman loses estrogen and instead of managing the weight, the fat goes to the stomach.

Also, women who have been slim their entire life have to face this problem too. Their level of estrogen decreases as well, so for the first time, they gain weight.

However, men also have this problem. This problem is known as the ‘’ beer belly’’. Most common reason behind this is the loss of testosterone which leads to gaining weight, especially in the belly.

Losing this fat is important for your health and appearance. Moreover, it may also serve as proof that you may have diabetes, myocardial infractions, high cholesterol and inflammatory conditions.

What is The Cause for This Kind of Weight Gain?

It is impossible to get back in shape with diets or even workouts. No matter what you do, this fat will never go away.

There is a higher possibility that women will get this problem more frequently than men. Their estrogen levels drop, and the fat from every area of the body transports to the belly.

For men, on the other hand, the reduction of testosterone results in weight gain. But, stress can also affect them. There is a study that defends the fact that the secretion of cortisol might be connected to stress and weight gain.

How To Lose Fat


You don’t have to stop eating fat, on the other hand, it may prove useful. You just need some simple changes in your regular diet.

Firstly, start eating olives, salmon, coconut oil, and avocado. The Journal of Obesity stated in their research that the people who eat 5-ounces of salmon weekly, for about four weeks, will lose around 2.2 pounds.

Usually, people choose their diet depending on their tastes, ethnicity, mental and physical activity and ethnicity. This is mostly because these are key factors for understanding people.

But, you just need to start eating healthy and avoid unhealthy foods. And, don’t forget that fat is important to consume.

After menopause, the body increases cortisol secretion and the level of insulin. As the insulin increases so does the fat that is stored in the abdomen. So, start your day with apple cider vinegar to boost up your metabolism.

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