Do You Know What The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means? The Answer Is More Important Than You Think…

The nails are more important than you think – they can show symptoms of many diseases including cancer. They are made of a tough protein called keratin which is also present in the claws and hooves of animals. The white half-shaped moon part of the nail is called a lunula, and is a sensitive area which should not be damaged under any circumstances.

The lunula is an important part of the nail which you should be careful with. It only appears white as the fifth basal layer of the epidermis covers the blood vessels underneath. It’s present on every nail, although it’s mostly visible on the thumb. The eponychium, or thickened skin layer around the fingernails and toenails may sometimes cover it.

The lunula is essentially a visible part of the nail’s root that should not be damaged. Many experts around the world are suggesting that it can reveal important information about out health – Tradiational Chinese Medicine says that lack of lunula is a sign of anemia and malnutrition, while a pale lunula indicates diabetes. If your lunula is reddish, you might be suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

In general, a lack of lunula or a small lunula is a sign of indigestion that occurred due to slow metabolism and toxic overload. Usually, having 8-10 visible lunulas is recommended. They should take up to a fifth of the fingernail and have an ivory color – the whiter they are, the healthier you should be.

The normal fingernail is ruddy, restrained, tough and arc-shaped, with a smooth and glossy lunula. The whiter the lunula, the more energetic the person is. The lunula also tells a lot about your health with a simple color change. Once you recover from a disease, it should get its color back. If the half-moon shaped figure appears only on your thumbs, it means that you’re about to develop a disease.

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