Girls Be Very Careful: You May Lose Your Memory, Hair, Nails Using….

A woman who nearly lost her life due to severe bacterial infection leaked disturbing news. This all started when she fainted in her bathroom. It was then preceded by worsened health including excessive hair loss. She also lost a couple of nails. Once she was taken to hospital, she was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection, leading to toxic shock. This happened because of a tampon use.

Girls Be Very Careful: You May Lose Your Memory, Hair, Nails Using….

Her health rapidly deteriorated, thus doctors did not have other alternative so they had to put her in an induced coma so that she can survive the treatment. In 8 days, she came out of this state with substantial memory loss. She was not able to remember who she was and couldn’t recognize her three daughters.

She was not able to finish her sentences, thus had to learn things anew once again. Her recovery was very slow and painful, taking her 2 years to get better.

Specialists say that tampons can be a serious health threat, especially when someone uses them inappropriately. If the tampon is left inside for more than 8 hours, the warm and damp environment will create a perfect condition for harmful bacteria proliferation.

Next time you think about using tampons, make sure you do that correctly.

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