One of the most delicate parts of a woman’s body is her vagina. This part is entirely defenseless to diseases. Numerous doctors advise women not to use soaps if they want to keep it clean. We know that there are numerous cleansers on the market which promise to take good care of this area, but they can only do harm and affect the pH of the vaginal area. This female part has its own particular cleaning framework that works with the assistance of living beings and greasing up liquid.

As soon as the pH drops, then numerous sicknesses and diseases can appear here. So, that’s why in this article, we’ve decided to present you a natural remedy that will help you keep a clean vagina, but also maintain a normal pH level! You won’t have to use any soap or vaginal cleanser and only do harm to yourself!

This remedy is based on lemons, but also their leaves. This part of the fruit particularly contains a compound called limonene that is an extremely strong anti-infectious and antimicrobial agent which is a hostile to hypersensitive specialists and is particularly successful against an organism that causes a condition called thrush or candidiasis. It’s a type of cleanser that can help you treat tingling, foul smell and also leucorrhea. It will also help you maintain a normal pH and that’s how your vagina will be kept clean and disease-free all the time!

How to use it:

You first have to pluck about 10 delicate lemon leaves and wash them well. Smash them and add them into one glass of water. Heat up this mixture until the water changes shading to a greenish tone. After this, strain and cool the mixture. Use it to wash your vaginal area. Wash it away with some water

A word for caution:

The water shouldn’t be very hot when you’re using this mixture. Try to consult with a medical specialist before you decide to start using this remedy, because it’s only a homemade mixture which shouldn’t be used without a consultation with a doctor!

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