Get Rid Of Ear Pain In Just 5 Minutes!

The main factors of ear pain are infection or fluid buildup in the middle ear, but common colds, wax buildup, nasal passage blocks, physical damage of the inner ear and an increase in ear pressure might be responsible as well. Earaches are more common among small children than adults, and can luckily be relieved at home with some natural remedies.

Here are some tips on how to naturally relieve your earache:

The water bottle method

Putting a hot water bottle over the painful ear can relieve the pain quickly. Wrap the bottle in a towel and press it against your ear to relieve your earache.


Peppermint leaves and oil can also be used as effective ear pain relievers. Put a few drops of fresh peppermint leaves juice in your ear, or apply a few drops of peppermint oil around the opening of your ear to relieve the pain quickly.


The analgesic and antibiotic properties of garlic can reduce the pain caused by an infection. Heat a tablespoon of minced garlic in two tablespoons of sesame oil, then let the mixture cool down before straining it. Put 2-3 drops of it into the painful ear. You can also extract fresh garlic juice and put it into the aching ear.

Hair dryer

Applying heat with a hair dryer in your ear may reduce your earache as well. Dry your ears well after a shower, then blow some hot air in your ear with your hair dryer for less than 5 minutes.

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