All of my family applies this on their face every day! They remove spots and wrinkles without going to the doctor, only with the help of this preparation! It’s amazing!

We know that it’s extremely important to take care of the health of our skin, as well as our whole body. our skin is healthy, italways reflects through our appearance. Our skin lookssmooth and brilliant and has a beautiful color. In order to protect our skin us from the harmful microorganisms or the harmful environmental effects, we must create a barrier, so we should establish a cleaning routine and make sure we keep it hydrated.

Our skin can be damaged during the period of pregnancy or the exposure to sun, and then various parts of the body can become with dark color. The market offers numerous creams which promise extraordinary results on having treated every problem in particular, but sometimes, many people can’t buy these creams, because they’re very expensive. In this article, we’re going to present you how to prepare a homemade gel with ingredients that are very easy to obtain and is also very cheap!

If you want to preserve and strengthen the health of your skin, this homemade gel will offer numerous benefits for your skin. You will need only several ingredients and it is much more economic and effective than anything that you buy on the market!

  • 100 gr of aloe veragel
  • 110 gr of oil of organic coconut oil (it must be in a solid state)
  • Essential oil of lavender, rosehip or vanilla

First, put the aloe vera gel and the coconut oil in a small container. Mix with a small beater for 5 minutes approximately, until you obtain a homogeneous, thick and brilliant cream. Add several drops of the essential oil and mixit again briefly. Preserve this mixture in a glass container with a lid, in a dry place, without sun exposure and on room temperature.Apply the mixture on your face and you’ll be able to see the marvelous results very fast!


Apply the gel on your skin after taking a shower, using soft circular massages. Leave it to act for 15 minutes before rinsing it.

The effectiveness of this gel comes from the combination of the wonderful properties botn of the ingredients have. These two ingredients are really used in the cosmetics to prepare various moisturizers, but you’ll also have numerous benefits if you use them separately.

Aloe vera will help you cure sunburns, fire burns or any other type of burn. It helps you calm skin irritations, itching caused by allergic reactions or insect stings. It also helps you improve the appearance of stretch marks, diminishing their size and coloration. It whitens dark spots and hydrates the skin by improving and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Coconut oil hydrates your skin by acting directly on the cells, contributes to the suppleness and shine. It is anti-bacterial and prevents the development of bacteria and fungus.

This incredible cream will help you eliminate all the stretch marks, wrinkles and spots!

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