We all know about the benefits lemon can have on our complete organism, but have you heard what a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can do for you? It is extremely beneficial for you and your health in general. This drink is very easy to make. Besides that, it’s super healthy! You just have to squeeze ½ a lemon in a glass of warm water! Lemon juice is abundant in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins B and C, flavonoids, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates and volatile oils.  This super healthy juice possesses various different properties, such as: antibacterial, antiviral and immune-building properties.

You will boost your immune system and fight infection because of its high levels of bioflavonoids, pectin, limonene, citric acid, magnesium, calcium and vitamins. A glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, will help you with other things, such as: flushes the system, aids digestion, fights hunger cravings, promotes weight loss and creates an alkaline-forming environment to balance the body’s pH.Today, we’ve decided to present you 15 good reasons why you should drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning, on and empty stomach.

15 Health Conditions Helped by Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning
  1. Helps Heal Acne

Drink lemon water every day! This extremely healthy drink will help you metabolize the acidic temperament of the body alleviating and preventing acne breakouts. Try this method: rub the juiced lemons on your face to help you with acne!


  1. Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss

The vitamins and enzymes found in lemon juice will help you regulate your blood sugar levels so that you can maintain normal weight levels.  Note:the pectin fiber helps fight hunger cravings. Lemon juice possesses digestive properties. It also encourages the production of bile, and that breaks down food during digestion.

  1. Flushes Out Kidney Stones

Lemon juice contains good amounts of potassium, thatwill help you increase the citrate levels in the urine to prevent oxalate from forming.


  1. Boosts your immune system

This is a super healthy drink which is an excellent support to the lymphatic system. It works in conjunction with your immune system to trap and eliminate pathogens.

  1. Gall Bladder Pain

According to some medical experts, drinking lemon water while eating has helped patients deal with the painful gall bladder stones.

  1. Cold and Flu Remedy

Lemon juice is abundant in vitamin C, which is a powerful natural antioxidant that enhances the immune system and possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties.

  1. GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

Use this amazing healthy drink to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease. The first results will appear after 2 weeks.

  1. Harder Finger Nails

Drinking lemon water on empty stomach, immediately after you wake up, can increase the hardness of nails and clear up white spots seen on them.

  1. Fights Off Food-Borne Illnesses

Note: Drinking lemon water can help you when you are traveling. You should also drink lemon water to avoid food poisoning. One person even claims that she suffered compressed vertebrae, so the doctors were surprised that she was in less pain than is normal, but according to her, lemon water helped her!

  1. Helps Deal with Fibromyalgia

Combine lemon water and yoga stretches, because it can help you deal with exhaustion due to fibromyalgia.

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Lemon juice possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which means that lemon water can help you neutralize acidity as the main cause of tissue inflammation.

  1. Relieves Sore Muscles After Exercise

Squeeze a lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it after exercising. It will help you relieve your sore muscles and help you relax.

  1. Reduces Joint Swelling and Pain

Lemon water can help reduce uric acid in our joints, one of the main causes of inflammation, especially as related to arthritis.

  1. Reduces Alcohol Cravings

There are some people who claim that drinking lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach helped them kick their craving for alcohol.

  1. Helps with Colitis

Colitis is an imbalance of acid/alkaline levels in the body. Drink a glass of warm lemon water every day on an empty stomach, because it will balance your pH levels and reduce acidity.

So, are you convinced that you should start drinking a glass of lemon water every morning on an empty stomach? It will improve your overall health, it will help you lose weight much faster, boost your immune system, cleanse your kidneys, help you with sore throat, reduces inflammation, helps with colitis and many other health benefits. Try it out today! You won’t regret it!

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