One woman named Crystal Davis from the USA made a decision to consume hot water with lemon and honey each morning on an empty stomach for a whole year as she wanted to know what will happen to her body. She used to purchase honey and lemon drinks in the pharmacies when she had a flu. It helped her a lot, but she was very skeptical when she took this challenge. It tasted really different to drink real lemon juice. It has been much healthier and better, than the powder form bought in the pharmacies. Crystal was wondering if hot water with lemon and honey can do miracles to her body as everyone claimed.

Now she is very happy as she haven’t had a cold for a whole year, nor stomach flu, or any other diseases, even though she sometimes feels like catching something, but it never happens. She even started taking this drink with her everywhere, even when she travelled. She didn’t even need coffee in the morning as this drink provided her with energy and made her feel happier in the morning. It took her an hour after waking up to see again, before. People even started telling Crystal that she is much more comfortable to be around.

How to prepare the mixture?

She has been taking half a fresh lemon and 1 tsp of organic honey in a classic cup. The water needs to be boiled, then it should be let it cool off a bit. The lemon juice and honey in it and consume it on an empty stomach. If in case the lemon is too sour for you, add extra honey to improve the taste. At the beginning, you can even use ¼ of lemon if ½ is too much for you, and then gradually increase the dosage to ½.

Benefits of drinking lemon and honey tea:

  • Improves digestion – the lemon assists the liver in producing more bile and in that way the body can easily break down complex food and extract the useful ingredients. Honey provides antibacterial properties which can protect against infections. Moreover, it assists in the production of mucus in the stomach to release toxins from the body.
  • Improves the skin heath – lemon provides great benefits to the skin helping the blood cleanse and stimulates the production of new blood cells. Honey and water provide antibacterial effect and stimulate collagen production, rejuvenating the skin.
  • Protects against infections – the mixture stimulates the digestive system and moisturizes the colon, thus you will not have any issues with constipation. It acts like a diuretic, cleaning he urinary system and protecting the body from infections.

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