Doctors Mysteriously Found Dead After a Summit for a Breakthrough Cure for Cancer

Several holistic doctors were found dead and apparently the reason was deemed as suicide. The medical community is at a great loss and shock over these deaths of doctors that did a lot of the medical sciences and the circumstances are very concerning since these deaths occurred a few days after a great summit where there was presented a new and revolutionary possible cure for cancer that was a big breakthrough in the medical world.

This cancer curse contains the human hormone GcMAF which is responsible for activating the macrophages which are already inside our bodies.

When these hormones are activated they can fight cancer cells and even completely destroy them. This hormone is naturally in our bodies but sometimes the human body cannot produce enough of this hormone and it comes to a deficit of it.

The doctors claim that if more of this hormone is introduced in the body will strengthen the immune system and the individual would be better prepared for fighting this terrible disease cancer and without all the bad side effects of chemotherapy and other invasive methods that are very common today in the modern world.

According to doctors:

“The GcMAF has amazing actions on the whole body and brain. This hormone can help the patent heal better and faster and have an amazing immune system. This hormone can destroy cancer cells with the help of the microphages.”

This news was of course not so good or the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry and once they discovered the danger that were threatened. This is probably the reason behind the murders of the holistic doctors and this situation has alarmed many people.

7 mysterious deaths happened during this period and the circumstances are very odd considering that they all have been deemed as suicides.

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