Dandelion Cures Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach … Here’s How To Use It!

Dandelion root is mostly considered as a weed, but it’s actually with a long history of therapeutic use and we’re going to discuss that here. This plant is especially beneficial in these health issues: treat allergies, lower cholesterol levels, stimulate the production of bile, and detoxify the liver. It also possesses diuretic properties and pregnant and menopausal women can especially use it.

Spring is the most suitable time to harvest dandelion root, especially the beginning of April. Try to pick it from places which are less polluted, such as areas away from the town and the road.

All parts of this plant possess medicinal properties. The leaves are abundant in vitamins and can be used in a salad, for example with potatoes and eggs.  The stem relieves stomach issues, stimulates the gallbladder function, regulates the metabolism, and purifies the blood, but it can also be used to treat diabetes while the milk from the stem can be used to remove warts. People also use dandelion flowers to prepare homemade dandelion syrup which purifies the blood, relieves a cough, and improves digestion.


Get 400 yellow dandelion flowers and pour 3 liters of water over them. Then, cut 4 oranges and 4 lemons into slices and add them into this mixture. Leave everything to rest for 24 hours. After these 24 hours pass, strain the mixture and pour the liquid into a pot. Add 2 cups of sugar into the pot and cook for about half an hour.

When it boils and gets thick enough, remove it from heat and pour the syrup into sterilized jars. Use this dandelion syrup to treat cold, cough, or bronchitis. Nowadays, the modern medicine confirms the health benefits of dandelion and suggests that it is even capable of curing cancer.

If you want to have dandelion roots in your home always, this is what you need to do: peel, cut, and dry the dandelion roots on fresh air. Let them dry for about two weeks or until they become brittle under the fingers. Once they are dried, put them into a jar and store in a dark and cool place.

Dandelion root possesses the ability to clean the kidneys, liver, lymph and gallbladder, which makes it effective at treating gallstones, constipation, hepatitis, acne, edema, and rheumatism.  Moreover, it is very beneficial for women, especially for prevention and treatment of issues related to breastfeeding as well as cysts, tumors, and cancer.


Pick several dandelion leaves, dry, chop and mince them well. Store this mixture in a jar and keep for future use. To prepare dandelion tea, add half a teaspoon of the mixture into a glass of water and that’s it!

You can also mix 60 grams of a fresh mixture and 30 grams of dried dandelion root. Put this mixture into a pan along with 2.5 ounces of water with a pinch of salt. Leave it to boil and when it does, cover the pan, and simmer for about 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and consume three cups a day!

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