Leptin is a hormone in the body that is produced by the fat cells and it controls your hunger. If in case the body produces it in excess, then you will eat more and will gain weight. For this reason it is very important to keep its production in a normal order so that you avoid becoming obese.

Obese people suffer from leptin resistance. Diet is not the only factor that contributes to the process of losing weight. In order to burn fat the hormones must be balanced, especially leptin, insulin, and ghrelin so that potential health issues are avoided.

How leptin affects the metabolism?

Scientists confirmed that if obese people resolve the issue with leptin resistance, they will be able to regulate the energy levels, boost their metabolism ad function of the hormones. They have to be managed in a proper way so that one overcomes obesity and health issues.

Leptin, ghrelin, and insulin function like a thermostat and regulate the amount of heat in the body, reducing the temperature once the body has to be cooled. If the amount of leptin raises, the brain reacts by burning fat, instead of storing it, but if its levels are very low, then the brain will start storing the fat. In those who are healthy, the amount of leptin determines how full you feel and how much fat does your body store. This hormone is significant for keeping fat and hunger balanced.

The link between leptin resistance and obesity

Obese people are leptin resistant, meaning that their thermostat has stopped working and this is the main reason for obesity. Meaning you have an issue with hormonal imbalance.

The fat cells in our boy produce leptin and the more fat cells we have, the more leptin will be produced, resulting in a cycle which causes obesity. If the levels of leptin are high then it will cause leptin resistance and this will cause your body not be able to store fat and you will eat more.

Symptoms of leptin resistance:
  • Overeating;
  • Always feeling hungry;
  • Reduced metabolic rate;
  • Low levels of energy.
These are couple of factors that cause leptin resistance, and those are:
  • Diet – scientists discovered that high levels of sugar and unhealthy fats activate the brain to reward the centers, making you feel good and eat more. The diet determines how body perceives satiety. Meals deprived of nutrients are constantly consumed and this is very dangerous and unhealthy. Lots of people started losing weight after getting sugar, meaning that it has to be avoided.
  • High leptin levels – this causes leptin resistance, but the factors like inflammation and diet can help the obese people overcome this issue.
  • Inflammation – in cases of inflammation the body is not able to recognize high levels of lepin, and this can result in its resistance.
Fight leptin resistance

You have to reduce inflammation and eat healthy. In this way you will be able to reduce the levels of hormones in the body. You have to avoid sugar, and inflammatory and processed foods. This will result in less leptin resistance and you will be able to start shredding extra pounds.

  • Try diet high in fiber – fiber is a very significant nutrient which helps the body improve digestion and help one lose weight. Moreover, it helps in reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, prevent digestive issues, and make you feel fuller after meals.
  • Incorporate proteins in your diet – they will help you feel full. Protein stimulates weight loss and for this reason you have to include it into your diet. High protein levels are connected to lower leptin levels.
  • Not enough sleep – this is related to high leptin levels, carb carvings, and reduced metabolic rate. It is highly important to get a proper sleep so that our health and weight are at a normal level. Those who don’t sleep enough are usually heavier. If you sleep properly, you will be able to curb your midnight carvings and prevent you from overeating.

You should not give up if you are obese and overweight. You have to make changes into your diet, reduce inflammation in your body, lower leptin levels, and start the process of losing weight.

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