Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells in Only 2 Days According to New Study

There are some recent studies that have been researching an alternative natural treatment for cancer, especially colon cancer. It included coconut oil, which people claim has been effective remedy to pharmaceutical medication and treatment. Numerous years of usage already claim about its efficacy, but there aren’t many researches on it. According to a recent research, coconut oil may be used as a potential alternative remedy to the typical colon cancer treatment.

A particular study by the Adelaide University of Australia claims that lauric acid, a saturated fat that is one of the main ingredients of coconut oil, was able to destroy 93% of colon cancer cells that it was tested on over a 48-hour period. Scientists performed both in vitro (in a petri dish) and in vivo (in rats) studies on the efficacy of lauric acid on colon cancer cells, and each one provided equal results.

Coconut oil has benefits that far exceed even its cancer-killing properties.

According to multiple clinical studies conducted by the American Nutrition Association, the fats found in coconut oil “can be useful in the curing and prevention of conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, viral diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes etc.), biliary tract diseases, Chron’s disease, and cancer.” Ty Bollinger, a huge advocate of alternative medicine and host of The Truth About Cancer claims that food manufacturers have had a large part to play in dumbing down the benefits of the oil.

“In the 1960’s, food manufacturers wanted consumers to buy their margarines and hydrogenated oils,” Bollinger writes. “To do that, they had to ‘discredit’ the products people had always used in their homes to prepare their food.” Bollinger also explains how it was actually coconut oil “replacements” that were causing all of the health problems that companies were accusing coconut oil of causing.

“It is the very goods the food manufacturers had been pushing on their consumers for thirty years,” Bollinger writes. “The trans-fats contained in these ‘fake foods’ were incredibly dangerous to your entire body. High fat, high sugar, and high carb diets were put under the microscope and found guilty.”

Still, its health properties are often questioned because of the high fat content however the type of fat that it is made up of has led most experts to disregard this sentiment. That’s why its use in these types of treatments is still being studies.

Here, we’ve prepared you a video about some of the amazing benefits coconut oil has to offer:

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